Our home is featured in the magazine!

After three of our own renovations, a home build and years designing for others, I was very fortunate to have our own home featured in Home Beautiful Magazine. It was certainly lovely to know that someone else could see my love of creating a home.

“It was personally very exciting as I guess I needed the validation that I had something to offer and I gained the confidence to believe in myself and my ability. I think as humans we all suffer from self-doubt, I sure have had my fair share, but I knew that people needed the kind of help I was offering and it was rewarding when I could help them.”


After returning from five months travelling in our caravan with our three young children we needed a home quickly.  I had walked past it for many years before our trip away and always loved it regardless of the challenges it would pose for us.

Six days after returning and having dreamed of no mortgage, we bought our sweet 1960′s in the hope of keeping life simple. We thought after living out of a van in our travels, that a small house should pose no problems.  Reality set in and within a week of living there we realised we needed to extend to cope with our growing family of five. We had just sold a brand new home that we had built and enthusiastic as ever set out on a major renovation. So much for the dream theory about no mortgage! So out came the pencil and paper and the long nights of sketching up plans for a brand new wing for the back of the property.

With 1400m2 of reasonably flat land, it meant that we could all be on one level which we were thrilled about. We added the living spaces and decks that you can see in the article and renovated the existing rooms. We did a huge amount ourselves with little ones at our feet during the day and very long nights listening to “Love Songs After Dark” on 4BH radio.

It paid off, as now we just love it. When it came to styling the home, we had a lot of furniture already and we built in as much storage as we could. I guess my style mix is eclectic but tending more towards classic. I am not necessarily ‘into’ everything being in one particular style and all matching. I love natural items such as shells, timber, handcrafted items, so I tend to go for that kind of decor. I move things around all of the time so things go from room to room quite often. Home is about belonging, feeling relaxed and happy in your environment. It really feels like a home and we love it here.